The 100% attendance crew head to the bowling alley! 

We are so proud of you all for coming to school every day this last year.  We hope you enjoyed your special bowling treat – you definitely deserved it! 

Do you want to join them next year? If so, come to school every day!



Perfect Pirate Poetry

Today year 2 learnt about acrostic poems. We now know that acrostic poems have a word that goes vertically down the page, this word is the first letter for each line. Each line must be about that word, these are the only rules for acrostic poems. 

We wrote an acrostic poem using the word ‘PIRATE’. Look at our wonderful poetry. 

Can you write an acrostic poem using one of these words? 






Sports Day!

Today year 2 had their sports day. They were very excited about showing off their skills and being a good member of a team. 

First, we walked quickly to Beechcroft. 

Next, we were put into our teams.

Then, we worked as a team and took part in lots of different activities to show off the skills we have been learning  in PE. 

Finally, the scores were counted. 

Amazingly, the Blue team won with over a 1000 points!!! Congratulations to the Blue team and the rest of year 2 for your good team work.